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Introducing our Squad 1 High Top Women's shoes – a fusion of fashion and function that elevates your stride to new heights. Crafted from premium 27.87 oz. Nylon canvas, these shoes marry durability with style. With a 5" calf height and a robust rubber outsole, they effortlessly blend a contemporary aesthetic with lasting comfort. The sleek black exterior complements any ensemble, while the black inside interior adds a touch of sophistication.


Available in US sizes 6-12, these shoes are a testament to versatile elegance. Step confidently into each day with the Squad 1 High (Black) Women's shoes, where comfort meets chic in every step.


.: 6-12 US size

.: 5" calf height

.: Durable rubber outsole

.: Black inside interior


 US 6US 7US 7.5US 8US 9US 10US 11US 12
EU size37383939.540.5424344.5
UK size455.5678910
Heel to toe (inside), cm23.1123.6224.1324.3825.4026.1626.9227.94


Squad 1 High (White) Womens

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